El pensamiento repercute en las moléculas

Interesante ver como las fotos realizadas a las moléculas del agua cambian dependiendo de las palabras escritas en el recipiente del agua. Interesante ver como pueden influir nuestros pensamientos en nuestras moléculas.

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  1. http://www.sciencepunk.com/2006/10/masaru-emoto/

    Emoto’s methods are to attach stickers with words such as “love” or “hate” to beakers of water, freeze them, and photograph the resultant ice crystals. Positive words, music or thoughts are expected to create ice crystals that are aesthetically pleasing. The most important part of this process is to ensure the technician looks long enough to find a crystal that will correspond to the tag. A double blind test could easily remove bias and prove the existence of this phenomenon. It would involve the technician photographing crystals without being told whether the samples were positively or negatively “charged”. To date, Emoto has not attempted a double-blind trial.
    When questioned, Emoto responded that he didn’t “understand this double-blind too much”.