I want to write my experience in English. This Christmas I decided to spent my Chritsmas Holidays with the brothers of Taizè. I wanted to avoid going to Pub/Disco and I wanted to avoid drinking alcohol.

The last Chritsmas’09 I went to Poznan (Poland). I felt that it was amazing. I wanted to repeat that experience one more time and also to trust in God and pray there and moreover I wanted to reflect and Make balance of the End of this Year 2010. I've enjoyed knowing people from differents countries, religions, sense of humour, cultures. It was such an incredible experience. Definitely, the songs of Taizè are like magical. These songs make us be in touch with God and feel in Peace.

We left Valencia on December 27th. The pilgrimage lasted 24 hours by bus. Although I'm used to travel very often,  it´s still hard for me to sleep in the bus so many hours because it´s absolutely umcomfortable . On the other side, travelling by bus is fun because you can spent time knowing people, singing with them and watching films.

First of all, we arrived at Rotterdam. Brothers and volunteers of Taizè explained us the rules and the planning/schedule. After this we made groups of  5 people to organise the destination: Marcos, David, Rafa and David (friends from my Parish). Finally we went to Oegstgeest ‘s town where we had our holland family. In this city, the protestant church was the meeting point. The way from Rotterdam to the church  is approximately one hour by special pilgrims bus. Once inside of the church, I got nervous, because I didn´t know my holland family. Secondly I want to speak about Bianca who was the Best Organizer. She worked very hard. She was very kind and an interesting girl. She made me discover the Protestant church. Taizè brothers told us about the importance of the meeting to establish and strengthen ties with the different churches.

We didn`t know our holland family until late, finally we were lucky, we had a very nice couple with 3 children. Oldest son (Arross) was in Indonesia. The mother is a physiotherapist, she is a very energical and strong woman. The father works repairing ships. He is a kind good man. They are very hospitable. God bless them. For Marcos and Me was a Beautiful experience, "humility and trust" in a foreign house is the best gift .

We had dinner with our Holland family in New Year's Eve. Dinner was delicious. Shooting fireworks and firecrackers is typical that night in Holland. I liked the dark yellow colour in the house at night. All houses haven't got any curtains soeverybody walking down the street can see inside the houses. I think that Holland people are opened mind and very cozy.

In Taizé the days were planned very well. Brothers have a lot of experience in this kind of meetings. Organisation is very important for everybody have a good time. Lunch and dinner were always at the same time. There were many volunteers who were responsible to organize, find locations, deliver food, forbid inappropriate behavior, etc.

All days we had prayer in our parish and then we had surveys organized by groups of people from different countries.We were aproximattely about 10 people. Elena from Belarus was the spokesperson. all of us in the group felt comfortable because we could explain our feelings of differents issues.

The 3 most important issues were: Joy, Compassion and Forgiveness. I recommend read Letter from Chile

The questions were:
-What makes me sad? What makes me happy?
-Is it naive, given life's difficulties, to "make a concious choice for joy"? What does joy change in my personal life around me?
-Why is joy so importan for Christians?
-Have I already had, in trying situations, the experience of a "joy that resists discouragement"?

-Where have I been a witness to proverty or injustice?
-What awakens my generosity? how can it be kept alive over time?
-Is it important to be more attentive to our life-style?
-Peter and Jhon look at the beggar and ask him to look at them. What helps us to look at those who suffer and to let them look at us?

-Distinguishing between the person and the offense comitted: does that change my way of looking at others?
-Do I believe in forgiveness?
-If God "sweeps away my sins like mist" what does that change for me? To what, then, does God call me by his forgiveness?

In the evenings we had interesting workshops. I went to see Calcuta Sisters in Rotterdam. I enjoy listening to them. They live in providence and helping other poor people. Their eyes lit up with joy.

Then we spend several days in Amsterdam. The contrast was very strong . This city is corrupted. I recommend the boat trip and to visit Van Gogh Museum.

In conclussion, I would get back next year in Berlin and I recommend everybody this experience.

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