Experience of European Taize Meeting Rome 2012

Sorry with my bad english!!! I've made an effort to write this! ;)

We went by plane, the next step of our adventure was find “la Sapienza” UniversityIt was a hard task because we don’t  know the streets, and map doesn’t  explain clearly. Two hours ago, we arrived to the church, our new home in Rome, this church is located on residential place.  This church is a new building, it belongs to congregation from Spain. It’s called “Nuestra Señora de Valme”. Our surprise was that team responsible for attending to us was from Spain. We were very lucky because this team were a very kind and nearly team. They organised it so well. Normally, when you arrive to a church, a family who belongs to this church share with you their home, but in this case, there weren’t enough families to everybody. At  the first moment, I feel sad because I prefer to live with a family and all commodities like a shower and a bed.

In a church we slept in a slepping bags in a big room without beds, we were about thirthy mens. I recognized that mi first impression was awfull but this experience was good for me. I think that in several moments of your life it’s good to leave all pleasures of your common life, and this was that moment.

We prayed at morning in our parish, and then we met in groups of ten person, we shared our experience, when we finished we went to get the packed meal in Circus MaximusI didn’t  speak all English that I would had liked. :(

Other special experience it was the workshop to visit “Sistine Chapel”.  I remembered all young people sitting on the wall of this incredible place, looking this famous painting of Michelangelo, praying during several minutes, we were in just middle of this Chapel, under famous image of fingers of Michelangelo. Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel; the work took approximately four years to complete (1508–1512).

Special Taizè Meeting with Pope in San Pietro. It was amazing. There was plemty of young people from different countries. It was a great opportunity to see Pope very near!!. 

Rome is a nice city which offers a lot of experiences, it’s a pleasure to getting lost in Rome.

We did a lot of sightseeing because we move all around of the city, because the prayers were changing of their place. All church in Rome are incredible, in all prayers we enjoy seeing the nice churches. We are a lot of people and normally church giving up all chairs and we were sitting on the floor. These places make it more easy to pray. I couldn’t  imagine a most perfect place to do this. Taizé prayer are melodic and repetitive, these characteristic allows you to relax and reflect about your life.

Other special moment it was the workshop to Visit Catacombs, origin of Christians in Catacombs (St.Agnese), the faith of early Christians, we were very lucky because there were limit places and big queue to do this workshop.

The last day of the year, we went to La Salle School in Rome, we did an special pray. Then, we went to gym of this school and did an Special Nations Party, we danced and enjoyed a lot.

The first day of the year, we went to eat with an Italian family.It was a great moments, we shared our experience with an Italian family. We couldn’t  live this days with a family but thanks to this short moment we can taste the experience of sharing with an Italian family. 

In conclusion, I recommend this experience:
  • If you want to find yourself
  • If you want to meet new people from different countries
  • If you want to know a new city and why not to do sightseeing
  • If you want to spend a different new year Eve’s
  • If you want to practice english
  • If you want to pray and to pray in communion
  • If you want to have an good opportunity to meet with God
  • If you want to relax, thinking about your life, stop your routine
  • If you want to feel more stonger
  • If you want to know which is ecumenism
  • If you want to know how does this parish in this country works
Official Programme in detail

More about Taize:

Ciao Rome!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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